On December 3, 2015 I was in a catastrophic car accident. I had brain damage, which affected my speech, my swallowing, a numbness in my tongue, I broke my arm and big toe, and also the right side of my body is weak. I was in a coma with the glasco scale of three. On October 2, 2017 I started oxygen therapy. After about three days I could see improvement. I am less fatigued, more alert, my speech is much better. My wife noticed my eye contact is much better, my arms are not as heavy when I put my arm on her shoulder. Also people say I look good, younger, and my skin is better. I feel the oxygen treatment has done me more good than any other treatments. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with brain damage.

*The reviews and testimonials on this page do not refer to or include physiotherapists.

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