On March 22nd, 2010, I suffered a major stroke and was admitted to St. Michael’s Hospital where I received great medical attention and started rehabilitation.

I was then transferred to two rehabilitation centers sponsored by the Provincial Health Care System where I received great, but time-limited therapy and rehabilitation. In August, 2010 I was discharged. Once I was home I was told it was up to me to figure out where I was to go for private therapy and rehabilitation.

Thanks to my son and the internet I was able to find Team Theraputix, at 1985 Leslie Street in Toronto where I now receive therapy and rehabilitation.

When I met the manager of Theraputix, I was made to feel so welcome and full of hope that she could help me. After a comprehensive assessment with her staff, she spoke to me in great length and with care about the treatment plan goals and what to expect from treatment.

The moment I enter Team Theraputix there is a feeling of warmth and a family-like atmosphere. From the Front Desk staff to Maintenance, every staff member at Team Theraputix contributes to the hopeful and encouraging environment here.

At Team Theraputix I receive therapy on the lokomat (a robotic- assisted walking device) to help me learn how to walk again. I also receive hyperbaric oxygen treatments, naturopathic/acupuncture treatments, massage therapy and chiropractic care for my legs and arms, in conjunction with physiotherapy treatments.

One of the great advantages of Team Theraputix is that everyone who works with me understands my file and my goals in trying to walk again and regain use of my left arm after my paralysis from the stroke. When I came to Theraputix, I felt as though I was getting one-stop-shopping for all of my treatments. The lokomat device has helped me to walk much better with my cane and has helped my left foot walk from heel to toe. The lokomat is also helping me to rethink how to walk. The hyperbaric oxygen treatments have helped tremendously with my balance. I am also receiving orthopedic care as my walking pattern with my cane has started to improve.

Since I have been at Theraputix receiving treatment, I have felt encouraged and hopeful, as the team always looks out for my best interests and help me to fulfill my treatment goals.


James D. McEwen P.Eng

*The reviews and testimonials on this page do not refer to or include physiotherapists.

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