Exercising With A Back Injury


Back injuries can be difficult to cope with and can have a profound impact on the daily life of those suffering from one. Every person responds differently to a back injury and every person’s circumstances and tolerances are unique.

That is why it’s important to listen to your body and to try to stay attuned to what it is telling you. Nevertheless, there are some specific rules that one should likely try to follow in order to make the recovery process as smooth and as effective as possible.

Is It Better to Exercise or Rest?

In general, during recovery, patients need to strike a good balance between activity, such as exercise to promote strength and recovery, and rest, in order to let the body heal itself. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that almost all experts will state that it is better to be active and to exercise on your road to recovery than it is to be stagnate.

One study, conducted by Dr. Brian J. Shiple, an orthopedic surgeon from Pennsylvania, discovered that patients who were recommended to exercise during recovery, reported less pain and greater flexibility, than those who were instructed to bed rest.

Take It Slow

Remember to take your time and move easy. Listen to your body and pay close attention to how it responds to your exercises. Introduce new movements gradually, maybe adding one new movement a day and then seeing how you feel afterward.

If anything feels like it’s causing too much discomfort, let off a little before pushing yourself again.

Use Exercises that are Low Impact

Do not start off with heavy impact exercises. Begin lightly, with exercises such as bike riding, walking, or stretching. Do not go directly into running or playing sports.

The goal is to regain flexibility and help overcome pain, not to injure yourself further and set your recovery back significantly.

Strengthen Your Core

While it may seem like you should only focus on exercises involving your back, this is not true. It is very important to have a well rounded workout regime and to focus on strengthening your core as well.

Your core is a group of muscles in centre of your body including the abdomen, back muscles and pelvic muscles. These muscles are important because they support your spine. The more support your spine has, the better it can heal and the less likely it is to feel pain due to lack of support.

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